Summer Saftey Tips to Prevent Personal Injuries

Summer Safety and Accident Prevention Tips

How being smart and safe this summer can result in fewer injuries


Pool Safety

Pools are now open for the summer season.  While lifeguards are on duty at most pools, do not leave a child alone near the pool at any time.  Similarly, inflatable floaties and water wings are not substitutes for life jackets.  Life jacket or not, do not swim in a pool that is missing its drain cover as the suction from a damaged or missing cover is powerful enough to pull even an adult underneath the water.  Unfortunately, children are injured or killed annually by accidents pertaining to a faulty pool drain.

Lake Safety

Everyone should wear a life jacket while on the dock and while boating.  According to the St.Louis Post-Dispatch, 79 percent of people killed in boating crashes were those not wearing a life jacket.  Sadly, last year in Missouri, the number was around 90%.


All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Safety

Each year, several ATV accidents result in fatalities or unfortunate injuries.  Considering the fact that ATVs are meant for riding on unusual and irregular terrain, the chance of an accident is increased.  The first step in ATV safety is simply making sure that the operator knows how to drive the vehicle correctly. The second would be wearing a correctly fitted and certified bike helmet.  The most common causes of injuries are usually riding on public roads, riding at high speeds, riding under the influence, or riding with extra passengers aboard the ATV.


Firework Safety

Both adults and children face injuries each year due to firework accidents.  All fireworks can result in bodily injuries and burns.  If burned by a firework, note the size of the burn.  A burn smaller than a golf ball can be treated at home with cold water.  However, in the case of larger burns contact a physician.

Preparation will reduce the number of injuries sustained by individuals this summer drastically.  However, your preparation will not safeguard you from the negligence of others.  If you are injured through the reckless conduct of another, you should immediately contact a Missouri injury lawyer for education on your rights.  For information pertaining to a Missouri personal injury, contact Christopher Dixon at 314.409.7060, or toll-free at 855.402.7274. Be safe and have a great summer!

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