Spring Break Safety Tips

Local bars, sandy beaches, and snowy mountains beckon thousands of college students to exciting destinations for spring break.  But preparing for a big night out or a relaxing vacation should be about more than double checking that you have your driver’s license or passport.  The combination of increased alcohol intake and relaxed inhibitions associated with spring break can lead to safety risks.  Whether you are traveling to a far away location, or staying home in Missouri this spring break, take note of these 8 spring break safety tips.

1. Travel or go out in groups

Whether you’re enjoying a night out at home or traveling on your spring vacation, it is important to avoid doing so alone.  Spending time alone, especially at night when alcohol may be involved, makes you a vulnerable target for those with misguided intentions.  Always make an effort to travel with at least one other person, as there really is safety in numbers.  If you have no choice but to travel or go out alone, be sure to avoid poorly lit roads, unlicensed cabs, and shared beverages.

2. Stay close to home base

Staying close to your home or hotel while going out this spring break is important as it limits your need to drive. When you choose to walk rather than drive, you decrease your chances of being lost and of being in a car crash. Staying in a central location where the downtown areas are accessible by foot similarly limits the dangerous temptation to drink and drive.

3. Set a limit for alcohol intake

It is so important that you limit yourself to a reasonable amount of alcoholic drinks. Overdoing it on alcohol impairs your judgment, making you more susceptible to injuries and accidents.  If you do plan to drink, make sure that your group has a designated sober companion to make decisions or drive responsibly if applicable.

4. Don’t leave the group with a stranger

It is never a good idea, at home or away, to abandon your group for a stranger.  Even if your seemingly nice new acquaintance asks you to walk outside for some fresh air, always make sure that you are at least with one other member of your group, and that the others know where you are.

5. Use appropriate safety gear for recreational activities

Whether you’re riding your bicycle or driving a boat, make sure that you are wearing the appropriate safety gear.  Similarly, it is often a good idea to check www.recalls.gov/ when wearing a new piece of safety equipment for an unfamiliar activity, just to be sure it hasn’t been marked as unsafe.

6. Be prepared for an emergency

It is always a smart idea to be prepared for an emergency scenario.  Make sure you familiarize yourself with exits to hotels or clubs, and that you are familiar with what to do in the face of a medical emergency.  Speak with your travel friends about allergies or potential medical issues, and what to do if they arise.  Also, always make sure you’re familiar with the numbers to call for emergency services.

In the event an emergency does set it in, following the above referenced tips will better prepare you to handle yourself in the situation.  If you do experience problems with a car crash or a government recalled item this spring break, a Missouri Injury Attorney is always just a phone call or mouse click away.

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