Pool Injuries Increasing

It’s no secret that July in Missouri is hot. With temperatures on the rise, pool attendance also increases. Unfortunately, a March 2013 study by the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, reveals that swimming pool injuries are on the rise.

Study Findings

According to the studies results, a new swimming-related injury occurs every 6 minutes in America. These numbers represent an increase of around 13,000 injuries than were reported in 1990. The study, which compiled and analyzed data from 1990-2008, revealed shocking results. In children (seven years of age and older), pool related injuries has jumped by around 30% since 1990.  Similarly, children aged 16 and under accounted for around 60% of all swimming-related injuries. While 87% of these injuries occurred in or around swimming pools, 13% were reported in or around natural bodies of water, such as lakes.

Of the swimming related injuries, victims primarily suffered cuts, punctures, scrapes, and bruising to the lower body, head, or neck. Seeing as most injuries were reported to those areas of the body, it is very likely that most injuries stemmed from falls and misguided jumps or dives into shallow water.

Medical professionals related to the release of the study results disclosed that the primary reason for the increase in pool injuries is a lack of parental supervision or attentiveness given to children playing in or around swimming pools. Population increase in fair-weathered states such as Florida, Texas and California, also may play a role in the increase of pool-related injuries.

Avoiding a Pool-related Accident

Even if your child is an avid swimmer, familiar with proper pool behavior, accidents can still happen. Parents of children of any age (16 and under) are urged to pay close attention to kids in or a near a pool. Access to the pool should be guarded by some sort of locking gate or fence.

Liability: What happens when a pool injury occurs?

As far as legal action is concerned, anyone who owns or manages a pool on their property can be responsible for injuries, and even deaths, that result from their own negligence in monitoring the pool. Basically, this means recklessness in monitoring / supervising the pool. ¬†In large part, this means that the parents or guardians of a child who is injured in a pool-related accident on another person’s property may be able to seek monetary compensation from the responsible property owner.

An experienced Missouri swimming pool injury attorney can advise the pool-accident victim or his or her family on their rights to recovery and on the claim and legal process. Each and every personal injury case is different, and the facts of each individual case can have a major impact on the result of an accident claim, which explains why injury victims are encouraged to work with a lawyer has experience in recognizing the nuances of a case and seeking compensation accordingly. Give our St. Louis personal injury attorneys a call today for a free, no obligation case evaluation, at 314.409.7060.

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