Pitbull Victim Victoria Wilcher Asked to Leave Jackson KFC Outlet

Little Girl Mauled By Pit Bulls – PETA Concerned About Public Safety

Anger is spreading around the world after a Facebook post reported that a little girl was asked to leave a KFC outlet. Three-year-old Victoria Wilcher was allegedly asked to leave a KFC outlet in Jackson, Mississippi, because her facial injuries were upsetting customers. Little Victoria was brutally mauled by three of Donald Mullins’ pit bulls in April, 2014. The vicious dogs broke her nose, cheekbones, jaws and the right eye socket. The attack left one side of Victoria’s face paralyzed and resulted in the loss of her eye. Victoria requires a feeding tube and must allow her face to heal before the doctors can proceed with further surgery.

Kelly Mullins, grandmother of the three-year-old toddler, was on her way back from Victoria’s doctor when she stopped at KFC to buy mashed potato for the hungry little girl.  Mullins says one of the KFC employees then asked them to leave the outlet because of Victoria’s facial scars.  Kirk Hannon of the Jackson KFC said that they took this report seriously and have hired a third-party to investigate the allegations.

An internal investigation conducted by KFC could not verify the incident, but they have offered to give $30,000 to Victoria’s family. Dr. Frank Stile, a Las Vegas plastic surgeon, offered his services at no cost to the little girl. The family has not yet accepted any free services offered to them. Dr. Stile is meeting with the family on the June 23, 2014.

Many people on Twitter and Facebook said they will not ever go to the Jackson KFC outlet again. People from all over the world are outraged because of this terrible incident. However, it is not only KFC who got the attention. For much of the past three decades, pit bulls have been widely regarded as America’s most dangerous dog. Although Victoria’s grandfather, Donald Mullins, and Rita Tompkins were charged with child endangerment, pit bulls continue to attack and kill innocent victims.

Christopher Malone, a three-year-old, died in Holmes County on March 31, 2014, after being mauled by two pit bulls. In April, 2014, a four-year-old girl was brutally attacked in Simpson County by three pit bulls. At the current rate, it is estimated that more than thirty people will lose their lives in the United States to pit bull attacks each year.

Concern About Public Safety

According to a Dog Bite Injury fact sheet published by DogsBite.org, there are three types of injuries inflicted by dogs. Injuries are typically categorized as a dog bite, a severe dog bite or a dog mauling. Mauling represents an unrelenting attack. During this attack, the animal refuses to stop with the intention to maim or kill the victim. The 2013 Dog Bite Fatality statistics send a clear message that pit bulls and children do not mix.

Christian Gormanous, a four-year-old boy, was killed in 2013 by a pit bull in the 5700 block of Pinehurst in West Montgomery County. Isaiah Aguilar, a two-year-old Uvalde County boy, was killed by a chained pit bull. Ryan Maxwell, a seven-year-old Galesburg boy, was brutally killed by a pit bull on March 2, 2013, while visiting the home of Susan Ferguson on Whiting Avenue. Beau Rutledge was only two years old when he was killed by his family’s pit bull, and Jordyn Arndt was also killed by her babysitter’s pit bull in 2013. The list goes on.

The findings of a report published in an April 2011 Annals of Surgery issue indicates that at least one person is killed by a pit bull in every two weeks, and two people are injured by these dogs each day. The world’s largest animal rights organization, PETA, stated that pit bulls should be regulated in the same way than animals such as leopards are regulated.

There has been a rise in fatal attacks involving pit bulls, but the president of the American Pit Bull Foundation, Sara Enos, says these dogs are just getting a bad rap. She blames the dog owners, but critics say pit bulls are inherently dangerous, regardless of how they are treated. Marcy Setter of the Pit-Bull Rescue Center responded and said there is not any breed of a dog naturally more threatening than others.

Editor of Animals 24-7, Merritt Clifton, said pit bulls, which were saved from Hurricane Katrina, were kept by inexperienced rescuers who then became attached to the breed. The Michael Vick dog fighting scandal in 2007 encouraged people to adopt pit bulls and bring them into their homes. Reports about people being attacked and killed are increasing with the growing number of pit bulls. PETA clearly stated that pit bulls were bred to behave differently during a fight, and they do not back down.

The largest animal rights organization, PETA, also said that pit bulls were bred to fight each other to the death, and they are concerned about public safety even though they do stand for animal rights.

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