How Much Is My Case Worth?

When suffering from illness and fatigue, injury victims often ask questions regarding the value of their case for settlement purposes. This question first requires an understanding of the responsibilities an at fault party faces following an injury.

Following an accident, the at fault party is required to pay for all related harms and losses an injured party has suffered. While harms and losses vary in different types of cases, these commonly include medical bills, lost wages, inconvenience, pain and suffering, future medical treatment, damage done to property, etc. The goal is for the negligent driver to place the accident victim in as close to the position as they were in the moment prior to the incident which caused the injury. This responsibility requires determining the entire extent of the injury the victim has suffered.

When an accident lawyer first meets his client, it is generally impossible to know the full extent of the injury. Often emergency rooms physicians will only conduct basic x-ray scans which fail to reveal muscle and soft tissue damage. It is necessary to consult with various medical professionals to confirm the extent and cost of the injury and future medical treatment required. In addition, since the extent of the injury is unknown, the amount of work an injury client will need to miss to treat his personal injuries is also unknown. Immediately following an accident, too many unknowns are present to provide any estimate of the value of the case.

A client is better served following an injury to focus on their health and recovery process. Once an accident victim settles his/her personal injury case, they are barred from later returning to seek compensation if additional injuries related to their accident present themselves. If you have been injured by the fault of another, make sure you have recovered from your injury 100% before considering settling your personal injury case. Large insurance corporations increase their profits through trying to get injured people to accept token settlements that do not cover all of their harms and losses.

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