Community Safety

Safe Navigation of Missouri Transportation Systems

The information contained on this page is intended to provide a resource guide for the safe navigation of Missouri transportation systems. The Missouri Department of Transportation’s website is located at This website supplies information on numerous topics related to the Missouri roadways and transportation systems across our state.

The Missouri motoring public shares a close relationship with the Missouri Department of Transportation. The men and women who work for the Missouri Department of Transportation undertake the ongoing task of repairs to Missouri roadways. Inclement weathers’ ability to riddle Missouri roadways with potholes, presents an increased safety concern for all drivers. The Missouri Department of Transportation’s workers face an increased danger when undertaking the necessary repairs and maintenance to our roadways. Knowing when and where the men and women of the Missouri Department of Transportation are located on a day-to-day basis is a step towards preventing unnecessary and deadly accidents.

Knowing proper Missouri roadway procedures and tips can prevent unnecessary loss of life. The Missouri Department of Transportation has complied safety data ranging from accident statistics, traffic volume, and effective tips for all types of drivers utilizing Missouri roadways. A general overview of this data can be found at

To improve Missouri roadways, it is important for the general public and local communities to participate in the Missouri Department of Transportation’s anticipated road projects and improvements. For information pertaining to Statewide Transportation Improvement Programs, Major Projects, Long-Range Transportation Plans, and Planning Projects, see:

The Missouri Department of Transportation provides multiple resources for the Missouri public. If you are unable to find answers to your questions online at the Missouri Department of Transportation’s website, specific questions can be asked through: This link also allows users to request highway maps, specific construction project information, subscribe to the MoDot Express Lane e-newsletter, or request a Missouri Department of Transportation Speaker to come to your group or organization.

Missouri’s transportation systems encompass more than simply our Missouri highways and streets. The state of Missouri has avenues of transportation outside of our roadways, including light rail, heavy rail, aviation, waterways, and transit busses. The following link provides a variety of information covering all other areas of transportation in the State of Missouri:

With shrinking governmental budgets, our Missouri Department of Transportation workers are faced with the growing task of road repair, on top of the keeping our state cosmetically pleasing and litter free. The general public can play a crucial role in helping our workers through programs like Adopt-A-Highway, and Sponsor-A-Highway. For more information on these two programs, see:

Please continue to check in for updated information about our Missouri Roadways.