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McDonald’s Tactic of Minimally Raising Workers’ Wages Insults A 2 Year Protest

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McDonald’s workers fighting for the better working wage of $15.00 per hour are answered with a $1.00 an hour pay increase, but only for less than 10% of McDonald’s workers. Read more…

Wage and Hour Lawsuits Up by 432%

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Data from the Federal Judicial Center confirms that wage and hour lawsuits have increased 432% over the past 20 years, and 10% over the past year. Employees are growing more and more aware of their rights and are taking action to hold their employers accountable. Read more…

Wage and Hour Claims – Forced Overtime

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As the economy tightens, employers often try to get more for less from their employees. This illegal practice entitles the victim to reimbursement for their loss. Read more…