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Pre-existing Injuries and/or Disease: The Eggshell Plaintiff Rule

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Some people are under the misconception that pursuing a personal injury case would not be worthwhile if they have a preexisting disease or injury. They assume that an insurance company would automatically minimize or dismiss their pain and suffering as symptomatic of their preexisting condition. Fortunately, the Eggshell Plaintiff’s Rule protects those who are most susceptible to injury while holding the defendant as responsible for all costs caused by his negligence, even though the extent of those damages could not have been foreseen. Read more…

Close Enough for Recovery: Understanding Proximate Cause

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you think: “This would have never happened were it not for what happened before!” Sound familiar? That notion–that an event separated in time and distance from an initial act can still be considered a primary cause for harm or loss–is what is meant by the term, “proximate cause”. Under Missouri law, it is possible to recover for harms and losses resulting from proximate cause. Read more…