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The Rise and Rise of ATV Related Deaths and Injuries

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ATV accidents affect a large number of those under the age of 16. Inexperience and a false sense of security is often to blame. However, owners of ATV’s have a duty to ensure that the guests they allow to operate their off road vehicles are properly trained. If they fail to train drivers, they may be responsible for the damage that results from unsafe driving. Read more…

ATV’s – Much Fun But Extremely Dangerous

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Today ATV’s are made to seem like a large, safe mode of fun and transportation. The reality is that ATV’s are extremely dangerous and the false impression of safety is often the cause of preventable ATV accidents. Riders need to be extremely careful and properly trained before taking the risks associated with ATV use. Read more…

Several Die in Missouri ATV Crashes

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ATV’s seem like care free fun, however, riders often forget these vehicles are every bit as dangerous as a full sized car and truck. Read more…