Missouri Car Accidents Caused by Cell Phone Distraction

Cell Phone Accidents

Cell phone accidents are a growing epidemic in the United States. More than 1.5 million distracted driving lawyercar accidents occur each year due to drivers who are distracted by their cell phone. People who are injured in these accidents often find it difficult to obtain fair compensation for their injuries.

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Is it Illegal to Talk or Text while Driving in Missouri?

It depends. Missouri currently does not prohibit the use of cell phones while driving a noncommercial vehicle. However, drivers age 21 or younger are prohibited from texting while driving. The drivers of commercial vehicles or buses are prohibited from using a mobile device while driving pursuant to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

How Safe is Texting or Talking on a Cell Phone while Driving?

It isn’t. The use of cell phones causes more than 1.5 million car accidents each year. It is also believed that many more car accidents are caused by cell phone distraction and this fact is covered up. Cell phones were involved in more than 350 fatal crashes nationwide in 2011. Roughly 15 people die and 1,200 others are injured as a result of drivers who are distracted by their cell phones.

Cell phone accidents are completely preventable, yet they happen on a regular basis. You may be chatting away with your spouse or your child about what you’re going to have for dinner. The distraction causes you to lose focus on the road in front of you and suddenly you find yourself in the middle of a rear-end collision. You are the responsible party in this type of accident because you were distracted and struck another vehicle with yours. Text messages are more distracting because they require you to take your eyes off of the road for that split second in which an accident can happen.

Cell phone accidents often involve:

  • Other Vehicles: Other vehicles and their passengers are immediately put in potential danger when a nearby driver picks up their cell phone instead of paying attention to the road. Every distracted driver runs the risk of seriously injuring others on the road.
  • Pedestrians: Crosswalks are in place to protect pedestrians from harm, but they only work as intended when all drivers are paying attention. Thousands of pedestrians are struck every year by distracted drivers.
  • Motorcyclists: Motorcycles are difficult to see under the best circumstances. Distractions and blind spots are often the cause of accidents involving vehicles and motorcycles. Drivers are always reminded to look multiple times before changing lanes and to take special note of motorcyclists in the area.
  • Children: Children, the most innocent of innocent cell phone accident victims, are often unaware of the dangers adults pose when they’re distracted behind the wheel. All children should be taught to watch for oncoming traffic and to protect themselves as much as possible.
  • School Crossings and Buses: Drivers who are accustomed to bus stops in the neighborhood may become comfortable driving while distracted by their cell phone. This is when things get dangerous for school crossing guards, children, buses, and other public transit that may be available in the area.

Studies show that cell phone use is nearly as dangerous as drunk driving because of the level of distraction the cell phone causes. Many states prohibit the use of a cell phone while driving, unless the driver is using a Bluetooth or other hands-free device. Regardless of whether the driver is charged with a crime during a cell phone accident, the bottom line is that the driver was distracted and negligent – similar to a drunk driver.

Who is the Responsible Party in a Cell Phone Accident?

The driver who was using their cell phone while driving is the responsible party. Their distraction caused the accident regardless of how well they believe they can multitask. Their insurance company will be held responsible for covering the costs of damage done to your vehicle, as well as your injuries including pain and suffering. Here are other damages that you may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Vehicle Damage
  • Wrongful Death
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Medical Bills
  • Therapy and Rehabilitation Expenses
  • Disruption of Relationships
  • Emotional Distress
  • Loss of Employment or Loss of Future Earnings Ability
  • Personal Property Damage

Can Cell Phone Use during an Accident be Proven?

Yes, cell phone records and the official accident report can help determine whether the responsible driver was using the phone at the time of the accident. We can also examine text messages and social media to determine whether the driver was texting or browsing social media accounts while driving.

Faulty Equipment: Another Type of Cell Phone Accident

Vehicles don’t have to be involved for your cell phone to cause personal injury. A few different manufacturers admit to faulty equipment where their phones are involved. Phone batteries have been known to blow up while charging using the fast charge mode and some cell phones explode while being carried in a pocket or tucked under your pillow at night.

Cell phone explosions cause serious burns and pain for the user, and it’s your right to seek compensation for your injuries. Visit your doctor as soon as possible after the injury so that everything is documented. Faulty equipment accidents often carry very serious consequences.

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