Cell Phone Usage and Fatal Missouri Car Crashes

The Missouri Highway Patrol reports that cell phones are now blamed for 6 percent of deadly car crashes in the state.  While this year there has been a 7 percent decrease in fatalities and over the past five years there’s been a 35 percent decrease, the causes of the accidents or fatalities remain steady.  According to the Highway Patrol, speed is the leading cause of fatal accidents while inattention is the leading cause of injury-related accidents.

While cell phone usage leads to numerous accidents, inattention while driving pertains to anytime the driver’s focus has shifted from the task of driving.  Thus, inattention can come in the form of adjusting the radio, talking to other passengers, reading a map, reaching for certain objects, and so on.  According to the Highway Patrol, out of the 878 fatalities that stemmed from 2009 Missouri car accidents, 6 percent were attributed to cell phones, while the rest were contributed to other types of inattentive or negligent driving.  However, this number is slowly and steadily increasing.  Traffic deaths in Missouri are currently at there lowest since 1950, however, let’s hope that technology usage while driving does not cause these numbers to increase.

Distracted driving is, as stated above, the leading cause of all injury-related car crashes.  If you or a loved one has been a victim to injuries or death in a car accident that was caused by the distracted or inattentive driving of another, you or the family members of the deceased may be entitled to compensation.  Following a crash, it is important that you contact a texting lawyer in order to assess your potential case.  Call an injury attorney today at 314.409.7060 or at 855.402.7274.

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