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Passenger’s Face Greater Risk for Injury In Small SUV

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Car makers are only recently focusing crash testing to passenger safety after studies are revealing the risks. Old testing focused primarily on driver safety and neglected to ensure the safety of other occupants. Small SUV’s have proven the most dangerous to passenger safety in the most recent studies. However, change is on the horizon. Read more…

Are There Still Too Many Old SUVs On The Road?

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The average age of SUV’s on our roadways continues to rise, leaving many older unsafe SUV’s in circulation. The older the SUV, the less likely it is to posses the many safety features of new SUV’s. SUV rollover accidents continue to cause a great deal of danger. Read more…

Passenger Van Rollover in Vandalia Kills 5, Injures 6

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A devastating rollover crash occurred when a 15 person passenger van struck a median and rolled over. 5 passengers were ejected and killed, and 6 were injured as a result of the crash. Prayers go out to the victims and their families. Read on for more information about the dangers of 15 person passenger vans. Read more…