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Pass the Buck and Turn a Blind Eye

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In the aftermath of the massive explosions and fire that occurred last Wednesday, destroying a clothing design firm, the three businesses responsible for the damage have remained strangely silent on the issue. Despite reports to the contrary, several people were hurt by the fire and smoke. It would be nice to hear a formal apology and full public disclosure about the circumstances surrounding this situation from: AT&T, MasTec and Four Winds. Or do they believe that they are above the law? Read more…

Gas Leak in Soulard Causes Massive Explosion

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A deadly disaster was averted at the last minute in St. Louis’ Soulard area yesterday when 11 people escaped a building only seconds before it exploded in flames. A construction crew working on installing a fiber optic cable accidentally hit a gas line, sparking three large explosions and a fire that could not be put out for five hours. 21 nearby homes were evacuated, and electricity and gas service was shut off to the area. One person was knocked to the ground by the blast, and several residents and workers reported irritation to their eyes, nose and throat caused by the heavy smoke that blanketed the neighborhood. Read more…

Space heater Probable Cause of Fire that Kills Dorothy Jones and Tom McKinney in St. Louis West End

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A retired school teacher and her adult nephew were killed in a house fire in St. Louis’ west end this week. Preliminary reports indicate that a space heater may have been responsible for causing the fire. Space heaters must be used with extreme caution as they pose significant health risks. Read more…