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GM Calculates Disturbingly Cold Substitute for Losses

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Mounting public and private pressure has forced GM to create a victims compensation fund to help those injured and killed by faulty GM vehicles. GM knew there were issues with their faulty ignition switches and airbags, yet it took them 10 years to let the public know of these dangers. Now GM must now face responsibility for placing profits above safety. Read more…

GM Recalls and Safety Defects

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GM has recalled over 28 million vehicles and counting. Numerous deaths and injuries have resulted from GM’s refusal to repair airbag defects and faulty ignition switches. GM is now attempting to sweep victims claims under the carpet with a quick settlement so they can “get back to business”. If you were injured, or a loved one killed, as a result of GM airbag failure or faulty ignition switch, call today to maximize your injury claim. Read more…